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Say goodbye to endless searching. Say hello to More Cowbell. We make it our business to connect extraordinary companies to extraordinary HR talent via our deep network and connections within the Human Resources discipline nationally. We offer a number of retained search models in order to be flexible to our clients.

More Cowbell Consulting is an original, professional services firm providing retained search services to top organizations. From Fortune 500 to startup companies seeking exceptional HR talent, More Cowbell provides exclusive resources to clients through a uniquely personal relationship. We maximize organizational success for all clients by fully understanding them, their needs and their brand. Similarly, we place the candidate experience at a premium. In the competitive world of talent acquisition, this is crucial for a company’s brand. Let’s face it – your company looks good when candidates are happy.

The More Cowbell backstory is inspired by the well-known Saturday Night Live sketch More Cowbell featuring Will Farrell and Christopher Walken. Ring a bell? If not, check it out here.
The sketch is wildly hilarious and also resonates with us on a professional level because it includes concepts that we use daily in the Human Resources world. First of all, most HR pros would have had at least a dozen meltdowns if someone dressed or carried on like Will Farrell. We recognize Christopher Walken as the real HR leader because he pulls the band together, asks the right questions, articulates what he needs and gives his people room to fail and to succeed. The SNL parody not only ignited the More Cowbell catchphrase leaving a mark on pop culture, but also reminded us of core HR philosophies when we were creating our company.

Liz Sherman

Liz Sherman

Founder/HR Search Pro

Liz Sherman is a widely regarded HR Search Professional to Fortune 500 companies, startups and everything in between.
Liz has worked with CEOs and management teams for over 15 years having built a career-long reputation for relentlessly maximizing organizational success and specializing in retained search for companies in need of elite HR talent.


Sure, communication is key. At More Cowbell we’re certain that it’s just as crucial for an exceptional search partner to be brave, consultative, creative, professional and accessible as it is for them to truly know your business. We take representing you, your company and your brand very seriously. In turn, we pride ourselves in doing so for the candidates as well.
Over the course of a search there are a lot of candidates in the running for a position and only one will walk away with the big title. We believe the candidates that are turned away are golden. The truth is – they will be a mouthpiece for your organization whether you want it or not. We know one thing for sure: If candidates undergo an out-of-this-world experience with your company, they’re going to tell other professionals and their friends about it even if they don’t get the job. They are also going to spread the word if their search partner kept them up-to-date every step of the way. More Cowbell goes above and beyond to ensure that communication flow is timely and clear, and that candidates are not left hanging so your employer brand stays golden.

HR Consulting

Deep HR expertise

We know HR vernacular and buzz words, and more importantly the processes behind the buzz words. You can trust that More Cowbell knows business language and HR speak – and finds talent that aligns around both.

New CHRO – Build a Team

We haven’t met a new CHRO who hasn’t made changes to the team they’ve inherited. More Cowbell will help you think through what key players are needed to help drive your agenda. (Congratulations, by the way!)

I just lost a rock star!

It’s painful losing that right-hand person and we feel for you. It’s also an opportunity to bring fresh eyes to the organization. Our relationships with (and access to) HR rock stars is almost as legendary as the SNL skit our firm was named after.





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Provide leadership in developing and executing human resources strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction for PE-backed healthcare company. Focus on areas of employee recruitment and retention, culture & communication, succession planning, organizational and performance management, regulatory compliance for relevant people-related issues, training and development, and compensation & benefits.

Director HR Operations

Oversee the implementation of people strategies that are aligned with the business’s organizational and employee experience needs, growth and innovation. Direct programs that deliver HR strategies and services to effectively build the organizational capability required to achieve business goals. Responsible for implementing people solutions to support this internationally recognized business.

Learning & Development Director

Lead the Learning & Development department. Develop and facilitate management training for frontline leaders, directors and senior leaders. Oversee new hire orientation with active participation in the on-boarding experience of associates. Leverage technology platforms to deliver online training and create awareness of availability of online courses. Collaborate with leadership team to conduct needs analysis for high growth technology company.


Steward all people operations and cultural elements at global, high-growth technology company to ensure the core tenets of the company are being met. Newly created role working with dynamic leadership team. Play a highly strategic role working closely with the Management Team to build a world-class team with effective, scalable systems and processes that reinforce these tenets through action (and merit). Lead, organize, and direct all aspects of Culture, Recruiting & Talent, MBO Incentive/Performance Management Programs and Human Resource functions.

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